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"Intelligence consists not only of knowledge, but also of the ability to apply knowledge in practice." Aristotle (Greek Philosopher, 384 BC - 322 BC)

Unshared knowledge contributes nothing.

In A-Gloss (Agency of Global Security) we keep this maxim in mind. To make this philosophy a reality, we offer this space, which is not only open to our researchers but also to any external contribution we receive. 

If you want to send your article, fill in the enabled form. The A-Gloss team of editors and reviewers will receive, review and rate your publication.  

We will be delighted to nurture our "tree of knowledge" with your contributions. 

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A-GLOSS Group signs international agreement with Sinteza Co.

We are delighted to announce a revolutionary strategic alliance between two titans of the security sector: Sinteza Co and the International Agency A-GLOSS Group. This union has been forged through an international institutional agreement, marking a significant milestone for both corporations.


A-GLOSS arrives in the United States

With the inauguration of its base of operations in the United States, A-GLOSS takes a significant leap in its global mission. This expansion, strengthened by the alliance with Dines Holding Corporation, is not just a geographical addition, but a strategic adaptation to the needs of the US market. At A-GLOSS, we understand that effective security requires a localized and personalized approach. Therefore, this new base will not only serve as an operations center, but also as a hub for innovation and adaptation to specific security trends and challenges in America.

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