We have professionals trained for a quick response, interventions in stressful situations with injuries, resolution of urgent problems. 
Entry and protection to unsafe areas, provide knowledge for the development of techniques in risk situations.

  • Risk analysis and prevention
  • Rescue
  • Health Emergencies
  • Military and Police Health Protocols
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • First intervener
  • Protocols against Indiscriminate Attacks

International Training To Be Developed In Costa Rica Thanks To The Collaboration Agreement With The Lared Academy, Which Is A Reference In The Sector. 
Training And International Training.
With First Level Facilities To Carry Out Tactical/Operational Courses, And Emergency Toilets.

  • International Security And Protection 
  • Operational Tactical Intervention 
    Intervention Protocols, Operational Defense, Tactical Procedures
  • Obtaining Tactical and Operational Intelligence 
  • Decision Making and Security 
  • Security and Corporate Intelligence 
  • Conflict Resolution in Risk Areas 
  • International Course Active Shooter Protocol A.V.A Violent Armed Attacks. 
  • Operational Training in Hostile Environments 
  • Scenario Development 
  • High Level Protection
    *Possibility of International University Certification

    *Training is planned for Government and Private Institutions and Organizations. Training of Instructors and International Operators. 
  • Control of Massive Hemorrhages 
  • Advanced Management of the Polytraumatized Patient 
  • Search and Rescue K9 in Collapsed Structures 
  • Search and Rescue Course for Emergency Brigades