External academic practices:

With Royal Decree 592/2014, of July 11, which regulates the external academic practices of university students, the agreement between

A-GLOSS and the Miguel de Cervantes European University (UEMC) 

for undergraduate students.

These external internships aim to empower university students to refine, enhance, and apply the knowledge acquired in their academic training. They will acquire competencies that prepare them for professional activities, as well as practical experience that is crucial for entering the job market, fostering their entrepreneurial skills.

Here are some important ones to keep in mind:

  1. Duration of the internships: as established in the Study Plan of the Degree being taught.
  2. Internship schedule: It will be established according to the availability of the collaborating organization, aiming to make it compatible with the student's academic activities.
  3. Internship modality: online.

The student will have a Tutor from the collaborating entity, being a person linked to it, with professional experience and the necessary knowledge to carry out the guardianship effectively.

The tutor of the collaborating entity will issue to the academic tutor of the University a final assessment report of the student on the generic and specific competences acquired in the training project.

Subjects on which practicals can be done:

  • Terrorism Analysis
  • Analysis in Violent Radicalization
  • Organized Crime Investigation
  • Intelligence
  • Security/International Investigation

Get in touch with us via email practicas@agloss.es to request more information.