Leganés Local Police Station (Madrid) - June 14, 2022

Presentation of the book:
INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM. The paradigm in the mutation of the terrorist modus operandi

Sheet and description of the book:

The threat of Islamist terrorism is perhaps the greatest threat the world has faced since the end of World War II. The Islamists of the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda or other related groups focus on the creation of a caliphate based on the Unity of God and the principles of the Prophet, through the establishment of Sharia (Islamic law), governed by the Koran, and the Sunna (the sayings of the prophet, the oral transmission), that is, they try to bring concepts closer to the religious principles of Salafism (primitive Islam).

This book analyzes extensively and in detail the modus operandi of the Islamist terrorist groups (Islamic State and Al-Qaeda), the concept and the historical background between both groups and their differences. It also analyzes their behavior through social networks and how they carry out their media campaign and use manipulative communication through magazines such as Dabiq, Rumiyah or other similar ones, demonstrating how said propaganda media have been reflected in the commission of different attacks, a capital aspect to understand the versatility of the transmission of terrorist knowledge.

ISBN: 9788417526498
Edition year: 2022
Pages: 140
Size: 17x24cm
Binding: Rustic
Language; Spanish

On June 14, at the Leganés Local Police Station (Madrid), the book was presented:

"International Terrorism. The paradigm in the mutation of the terrorist modus operandi»

Professor López Melero, co-author of the book, participated in this long-awaited event, which was attended by friends and personalities from the Police, Penitentiary and Islamic Commission spheres.