A-GLOSS Group signs international agreement with Sinteza Co.

Young contemporary cyber security manager typing in front of computer

We are delighted to announce a revolutionary strategic alliance between two titans of the security sector: Sinteza Co and the International Agency A-GLOSS Group. This union has been forged through an international institutional agreement, marking a significant milestone for both corporations.

A Shared Vision for Comprehensive Security

Our collaboration is based on a unified vision and mission: to offer comprehensive security solutions. Together, we are committed to developing customized projects and products that meet the complex needs of corporations, private entities and government profiles.

What We Offer

This strategic alliance brings with it a plethora of tools and highly qualified professionals, all aligned with international security standards and protocols. Our goal is to cover all the necessary phases and processes required by global corporations, offering support in each project.

Creating Synergies, Building the Future

By joining forces, Sinteza Co and A-GLOSS Group are ready to create synergies and generate proactive and reactive strategies for the resolution of severe crises and conflicts at national and international levels.

Our Commitment

Anticipating the current and future needs of our global customers, we are committed to acting proactively, reactively, efficiently, professionally and responsibly. Our high level of specialization in each discipline ensures that we are not just a solution, but the best solution.

Stay Connected

For more information and to stay updated about this association, please contact:

  • Sinteza Co
  • A-GLOSS Group International Agency

We look forward to a secure and collaborative future, together shaping the global security landscape.

Jesus Sevillano