A-GLOSS arrives in the United States

With the inauguration of its base of operations in the United States, A-GLOSS takes a significant leap in its global mission. This expansion, strengthened by the alliance with Dines Holding Corporation, is not just a geographical addition, but a strategic adaptation to the needs of the US market. At A-GLOSS, we understand that effective security requires a localized and personalized approach. Therefore, this new base will not only serve as an operations center, but also as a hub for innovation and adaptation to specific security trends and challenges in America.

At A-GLOSS, we understand that each market has its particularities. Therefore, we have spent time studying the US context to offer services that not only meet the highest international standards, but also align with the country's specific security needs. 

With a team of highly qualified experts and cutting-edge technology, we are prepared to face and solve the most complex security challenges, ensuring that American companies and institutions can operate in a safe and secure environment.

From corporate security to critical infrastructure protection, our experts are equipped to provide comprehensive solutions spanning risk assessment, strategic planning and operational response.

With a strong reputation for efficiently managing complex situations, A-GLOSS is committed to being a pillar of support for businesses and institutions across the US, ensuring security is one less worry on their path to success. As we consolidate our presence in the Americas, we remain true to our mission: to implement security strategies that anticipate risks, protect assets and ensure business continuity.

Our base in the United States not only marks a milestone in A-GLOSS's expansion, but also reflects our continued commitment to global safety excellence.

Welcome to a new chapter in the A-GLOSS story, where safety is redefined in the United States.