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In A-Gloss (Agency of Global Security) Our main objective is to carry out national and international security investigations, providing analysis for decision making.

In our agenda we include Africa, Latin America, Syria, Afghanistan, Israel, Chechnya, among others, providing security and intelligence on ongoing conflicts and terrorism. 

We propose improvements in international security, defense and anti-terrorism policies; We also offer solutions for the management of incidents in complex environments, conflict resolution and psycho-criminological contributions of criminal capacity of the actors involved.

To do this, we study variables such as demographic variables, history as a background and politics, among other aspects, to understand the course of conflicts and terrorist actions and future predisposition. 

In A-Gloss We not only cover terrorism investigation, but also in the field of criminology and penitentiary.

We provide analysis of criminal behavior, explaining the reasons for criminal behavioral acts.

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A-Gloss (Agency of Global Security) is an organization with non-partisan and non-ideological research members. Analysis and understanding of conflicts is sought through complete and approachable research and analysis. The investigations of A-Gloss They will be made available to the general public, academics and professionals in the sector, members of security forces and bodies, the military and anyone who wishes to have access to them. 

The research methodology of A-Gloss It is based on primary and secondary sources, all those that allow for a holistic vision of the situation and area under investigation. The methodology guarantees the commitment to improve strategic capacity on criminal and terrorist behavior. 

Data will be collected and the trend of conflicts in certain countries will be analyzed, evaluating the security and socio-political situation to implement appropriate criminological strategies and policies. It must be taken into account that, given the variability of risk factors, the social, geographical and demographic context to be studied, the explanations for the because of behaviors vary. A criminological diagnosis with the purpose of explaining why a person is a criminal, endogenous and exogenous factors must be taken into account; a forecast, such as the possibility that a subject has of being dangerous or not; and a treatment aimed at training a criminal subject to live in society respecting all principles and values.



The research team of A-Gloss It is multidisciplinary and adheres to the following principles:

  1. Non-partisan. It is strictly non-partisan and non-ideological. Research is carried out on neutrality and objectivity in order to avoid bias, so that we are dealing with unflawed research. The research members at no time advocate for a specific ideology and legislation, they only limit themselves to analyzing the existing one. It is not intended to promote political ideologies or legislative interests. 
  2. Integrity. The research members of A-Gloss They act under strict integrity, informing and training on real events in the different areas in which their research projects range -criminological, psychological, penitentiary, terrorism and intelligence-. The function of research projects is to generate credibility and value to what is investigated. 

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Collective works:

    • "Prison subculture: violent behavior and forms of radicalization in prison." Co-author with Joan Caballero Casas. In the work «Jihadist Terrorism. Criminological and victimological approach» (Presentations from the First International Congress on Jihadist Terrorism: Criminological Responses). Edited by the University of the Basque Country / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, 2021
    • "Criminal dangerousness profile of hate crime offenders." In the work "Networks of Hate." Editorial Delta Publications, 2021